Weddings & Elopements

You’re getting married! Our hearts are doing a happy dance!

The number one piece of advice we give to couples when it comes to wedding planning is: Invest. In. Photography. (Followed closely by: choose photographers whose style you LOVE!) You might be thinking “Well, duh, you’re photographers, of course you’d say that!” But hear us out.

When your wedding day ends, it will seem like it lasted a breath. Your memories will get fuzzy over time, and your fancy clothes will be packed away. But the photos we capture will last forever. And we’re not talking statue-still, standing-in-a-line, posed-liked-a-mannequin photographs. We’re talking spur-of-the-moment, forehead-to-forehead, crinkle-nosed photos that capture the real you. We want to see you belly-laugh, cry with joy, dance your heart out, and fully embrace your big day! 

We’re a bit unconventional and we’ll do just about anything to ensure we capture your best moments. That means we scale cliffs, climb trees, stand in oceans, and kneel in the mud all for that perfect frame-on-the-wall, show-off-to-your-grandkids perfect picture. When you book with us, you book a spot in our hearts. We are 100% invested in creating a day that you will never forget! Whether you opt for an intimate elopement, a massive party (or something in-between), we’ll be right there beside you, documenting the adventure.