You will always find us with coffee in hand, talking way too loud, and way too fast (just ask our husbands!) and if you can’t find us behind the camera, you can find us at the barn with our horses, Benson and Parker! Along with photography and horses, we share a love for the outdoors, a cold craft beer and yummy tacos. We probably spend more time together than we do with our husbands and we NEVER run out of things to talk about. 

Fast Talkers. Loud Laughers.

About Us

Bayley is the one you are talking to when you email or message us. She runs all of our social media and keeps our shoots (and Holly) organized! Bayley has a huge heart, and is always the first one to spread love and encouragement to those who need it most. She loves nothing more than hanging out in her backyard with her six chickens and a good glass of wine. She has two doggos, Macy and Wilma, and has been married to her hubby, Cory, for 7 years. Her favourite food is soup (even when it's the middle of summer), she never wears matching socks and when she isn't behind the lens she works in our community with those in crisis.

Holly keeps “the back of the house” running. She does the culling, the editing, the website — the tech-y stuff for With Love. She also has a huge love for Harry Potter, a good audiobook and board games (especially Pandemic). She loves backcountry camping and has a not so secret obsession for Ru Paul's Drag Race. If she hasn't had her coffee yet, you don't wanna talk to her (don't worry, Bayley always makes sure that's taken care of before shoots!). She has been married to her hubby Elliot for 13 years and they have 2 Australian cattle dogs, Molly & Lyla. When she isn't behind the lens for With Love, she is working as a paramedic for the British Columbia Ambulance Service.

This is Bayley

...and this is Holly