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Nothing fills our hearts more than a good adventure (and that includes intimate weddings and elopements - Hello, mountainside nuptials!). We know adventure looks different for everyone. That’s why we want to find whatever makes your heart sing so we can capture you living your best life (A.K.A., no mannequin-style old-fashioned-high-school-graduation-photo poses happening here!) 

Are you a poser? 

Oh good! Neither are we! 

And we don't wanna just take your photo, deliver your gallery, and never talk to you again...we wanna be your new best friends! We’ve been lucky enough to stay connected to couples from their engagement session to their wedding, right through to the birth of their first-second-third child! And we’d be honoured to do the same for you. 

Here on Vancouver Island, we are SPOILED by so many breath-taking beaches, soaring mountains and ancient forests - wherever we find ourselves for your session, we want it to be an experience AND for you to feel right at home. Adventure is out there - let’s go find it together! 

Weddings & Elopements

Starting at $1800.00 for Elopements
Starting at $3000.00 for 4 hours
Starting at $3800.00 for 5 hours
Starting at $4600.00 for 6 hours
Starting at $5800.00 for 8 hours

Portrait Sessions

Starting at $400.00 for Couples/Horse & Rider
Starting at $250.00 for Black Backgrounds
Starting at $600.00 for Adventure Sessions

Holly & Bayley are an absolute joy to work with. Speaking as someone who is shy and hates having their photo taken, I was blown away by how comfortable and happy I was during the shoot! I loved every second of it. Their energy, joy and enthusiasm is truly incredible to be around, and the photos are utterly stunning. I can’t recommend them enough and will absolutely be rebooking them in the future!

Their energy, joy and enthusiasm is truly incredible... 

I’ve never liked having my picture taken but the experience and atmosphere that the both of you create made it effortless and dare I say rather enjoyable. Thank you for the fun evening and thank you for the amazing pictures, can’t wait to see the rest!

...the experience and atmosphere that the both of you create made it effortless...

These ladies are the best! I had an equine photoshoot with them, and the photos are absolutely breathtaking!! Would do it all over again. If you want someone to capture your dream photos, these are your girls !! 

If you want someone to capture your dream photos, these are your girls !! 

If you wanna gain not one, but two new best friends. We wanna be your biggest fans!

You aren't afraid to get your feet wet. Or your dress dirty. If you wanna climb a mountain, cross a river or frolic in a forest.

You wanna capture all of those in between moments. No poses here. Just the real stuff.

We're a good fit if...

Heck to the YES we will help!! We hesitate to call what we do posing - it's more like actions and movement to help you feel comfortable and in the moment - and don't worry, we will give you examples in person!!

I am so awkward in front of the camera...will you help?

All of our galleries are delivered with private, online link! Do you have to buy prints? Short answer...nope!! When you receive your gallery, everything that is in it is all yours! We do not require you to choose your favourites or print through us. We realize some photographers do it that way, and that's cool, but we decided when we started With Love that we didn't want to run things that way!

How do I receive my photos? Do I have to buy prints?

In our slower seasons approximately 2 weeks. In our busy season (aka wedding season) approximately 3-4 weeks! Each of your photos will be edited to suit our portfolio style and we only deliver the best of the best and this can take some time! We do not do any heavy editing/alteration of peoples weight or features, we think you are beautiful just the way you are!

How long will it take for me to get my gallery?

Adventure Sessions are longer sessions that usually involve an outfit change (although not mandatory) and take place in EPIC locations. Now obviously all of Vancouver Island is gorgeous, but these particular locations may involve a hike, an off road, or just a longer drive to the location, somewhere you might not go everyday!

What is the difference between a regular Session and an Adventure Session?


Oh heck yes!! We even have our own studio!! We absolutely LOVE empowering anyone who wants to join us for a boudoir session!! And if you think you need to lose weight, or get a tan or anything like that, you're wrong, you are BEAUTIFUL just as you are! Boudoir is for everyBODY and it can be just to make YOU feel good! Unfortunately due to COVID our studio is closed, but if you want to take boudoir outside we would LOVE to connect with you!

Do you photograph Boudoir?

Yes we do! We would be lying if we didn't say our hearts lay in adventure sessions and elopements, but we have a soft spot for families who want to come out and capture real and raw moments with us! So if you're the kind family that doesn't want posed or "Pinterest" photos, then we are the photographers for you!

Do you photograph Families?


Now sit back, relax, and we will deliver your gallery full of moments that will last you forever!


We meet at the chosen location. We become instant BFFs. Oh and we will take your picture!

shoot your session

YAY!!! We are so excited to work with you!! Send us an e-mail so we can get you in our calendar!!

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